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Watch Conspiracy online: Episode 14 TWA Flight 800

At 8:18 PM TWA Flight 800 takes off for France. After just 13 minutes, the plane explodes in mid-air, eight miles off the coast of Long Island, NY. All 230 passengers and crewmembers are killed. Relatives are forced to wait for TWA to release an official list of the passengers who were on the plane - a lengthy process, as TWA needs to account for last minute cancellations and standby passengers. The list is finally released, but now they must endure the painfully slow victim identification process. The delays bring tensions to the boiling point. Investigators believe that the tragedy may not have been the result of terrorism, but of faulty aircraft design. The NTSB issues a series of urgent recommendations to the Federal Aviation Administration, stating that center fuel tank volatility is an issue that must be addressed immediately. Four years after the explosion, the NTSB formally concludes that an explosion in the centre fuel tank destroyed the plane. The board also finds that the wiring in many aircrafts is dangerous. In a series of detailed and emotional interviews with families of victims, eyewitnesses and investigators, this episode will recount the events surrounding the explosion of TWA Flight 800, as well as how each of the lives of those involved in the incident have been irreparably changed.

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