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What is Campervan Crisis about?
The VW Camper Van has attracted devotees for over sixty years as explorers and families have driven their beloved campers across every part of the world. From split screens to bay windows the VW Camper has become part of our living history. And as this highly rated Discovery TV series finds out their owners will spend tens of thousands of pounds to restore and customise their Campervan... Nigel s beloved Campervan is held together with rust and filler and he is too embarrassed to take it to a VW show. But Nigel has a dream - that one day his rusting hulk of metal will be tearing down the drag strip at Santa Pod. He has only 150 days and just 12,000 to achieve his dream. Can Nigel transform his embarrassing excuse for a Campervan into a VW showpiece to be proud of? Or will he suffer a Campervan Crisis?

Season 1 of Campervan Crisis

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