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What is Beetle Crisis about?
For over sixty years the VW Beetle has held the record as the most popular car ever sold and with the highest number of enthusiasts scattered across the world. Beetle restorations and modifications are endless with obsessive Beetle owners willing to spend thousands of pounds to restore or modify their pride and joy. Discovery Channel's top rated series 'Beetle Crisis' follows VW restoration experts Steve and Rich as they take on their most ambitious project yet - a dilapidated 1971 VW Beetle which they bought for just 150. Until now, the car has been rotting in the back garden but in this extremely popular Discovery series follows the intrepid pair as they set about transforming the wrecked Beetle into a custom classic Bug on a budget of just 5,000. Can they do it? How will they do it? Discover the tips and tribulations of restoring a VW Beetle from banger to blinger in this complete TV series.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Beetle Crisis

Season 2 of Beetle Crisis

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