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Watch Prince of Tennis The National Tournament Semifinals online: Episode 4 Seigaku's Burden

Kawamura plays against Gin, the original creator of the Hadoukyuu, from Shitenh?ji. Gin has 108 levels of Hadoukyuu. Kawamura is not able to return even one shot and loses 0-5 games and 0-40 points. After Akutsu awakens him, Kawamura realizes that he must give his all even if he knows he will lose. He then continues and puts his heart and soul into his final shot, what he calls the 'Final Hadoukyuu', which is stronger than Gin's 108 Hadoukyuu styles. Attempting to return Kawamura's shot, Gin injures his wrist severely. Kawamura wins the match by default and he reaches his dream of being the Number One power player of the Nationals!

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