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Watch To Love Ru online: Episode 9 For Whom The Bell Tolls

Christmas Day is approaching. While Rito goes to invite Yami for Mikan, Mikan explains to Lala about Christmas. Mikan and Rito never had a big Christmas celebration since their parents are rarely home. Mikan and Rito are having a big celebration for the first time. Lala makes Mikan's wish come true by bringing her parents home for Christmas. Momo accidentally uses a device which transports Rito into Peke's body. Hoping not to upset Lala, Momo brings Peke to Lala in time for P.E. and tells Rito to act like Peke. Lala's warm up stretches shock Rito as he feels her body. When Lala jogs, Rito passes out and causes havoc everywhere. Momo brings a substitute to Lala and vows to repair Peke. Run begs Rito to pretend to be her boyfriend because she lied to Kyouko about it. Rito accepts. As Rito and Run walk with Kyouko, the principal attacks. Run accidentally strips Kyouko and her clothes off. After defeating the principal, Kyouko tells Run that she knows about the lie. Rito brings Lala to restore their clothes, but Lala hypes over Kyouko instead.

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