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Watch Shigofumi Letters from the Departed online: Episode 12 After-Death Letters

After implicating her father, Fumika becomes a celebrity at school and on the Internet; people constantly bother her and try to take pictures of her which greatly pains her. With Fumika, the mail carrier, now gone, Fumika and her friends try to go on with life, but find it hard to go on without Fumika. Kirameki's former wife, and mother of Fumika meets her daughter, but tells her that she does not want to be a mother, and leaves her daughter. Following this, Fumika goes to Kirameki's odd house where she is about to kill herself when her counterpart appears and stops her. An argument starts between them, and Fumika, the mail carrier, hits her counterpart a few times. Kirameki's daughter tells her other self that she too wanted to live a normal life, and that she did not really want to disappear, which she agrees too. Kaname, Natsuka (with Kanaka), and Chiaki (with Matoma) arrive at Kirameki's home to find Fumika and her other self crying together on the ground. Fumika goes back to being a shigofumi deliverer, and the other Fumika goes back to living on her own as a high school student.

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