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Watch World War II in Colour online: Episode 2 Battleground

World War II was truly a global conflict. The fighting raged from the desert sands of Africa to the islands in the Pacific. Allied troops fought in every theater exposing them to an extraordinary diversity of terrain and climate. Each theater could produce conditions of dreadful severities. While an infantryman was engaged in combat for an average of one hour each day, he was at war with the environment around the clock. Rain, mud, extreme cold, deserts, mountains and jungles each presented unique challenges and inflicted extreme hardships on the servicemen who faced them. Soldiers confronted these obstacles with amazing fortitude, finding ways to endure while struggling to defeat the human enemies who also blocked their path to victory. In all the battles of World War II, terrain was paid for in blood. Thousands of men found their final resting place in the ground for which they fought. This program is a testament to the courage and sacrifice made by those who paid the ultimate price for victory.

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