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Watch World War II in Colour online: Episode 1 Face to Face

The vast majority of men involved in the second world war, five out of six, never experienced combat, serving instead in the huge support services that kept the war machine going. The men who were actually at the front lived through some of the greatest horrors of the human experience. Their story was one of a constant struggle to stay alive while experiencing appalling suffering and being pushed beyond the limits of hope. They persevered through an ordeal that is difficult to understand without having experienced it first hand. Their struggle to deal with the feelings churning through them during and after battle was called 'the sharpest end', an agonizing place filled with horror and uncertainty. Until the fighting was over and for most men, long after, dealing with the effects of combat was the toughest battle of all. Shot in color, this remarkable program takes us right to the front lines and into the daily lives of the combatants taking on their enemy face to face.

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