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Watch G Spot online: Episode 7 Stalker

Ever get the feeling you're being watched? Or photographed? Or just maybe followed? When Gigi discovers she has a stalker, Rick says to look on the bright side: “Don’t look so freaked. This means you’re famous!” Gigi thinks she should just get rid of the guy—but when she sees him again in her backyard, well, you know what? He's not so bad. Nice shoulders. Kind of cute. And not only has he seen every movie she’s done, he says he’s going to love her ‘til the day he dies. They agree to meet again and before long she's sipping martinis in his apartment. That’s when she sees something truly shocking—on her shrine there’s some photo of a porn star named Delila Bangs. As her stalker explains, Gigi isn’t the only woman he’s stalking…

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