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What is The Civil War: Blood and Honor about?
The American Civil War is one of the most studied military conflicts the world over. There have been numerous books, films and documentaries that have looked at almost every aspect of the war, yet none have taken you directly to the battle lines to see the action from the soldier's point of view. With the help of several thousand history re-enactors, The Civil War goes beyond the fog of war and allows you to experience the glory and heartache of the battles that changed war forever. Through personal letters, official reports and diaries, viewers will come to understand not only the battle but also the political and personal reasons why our nation took up arms. The captivating period photography, the authentic Civil War-era music and the fascinating living history re-enactments bring to life this enormous struggle and allow future generations to bear witness to events that forged our nation. Created by some of the most respected producers and historians of the genre, The Civil war entertains, educates and coveys a message that should remain with us all.

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of The Civil War: Blood and Honor

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