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Watch Cooking in the Danger Zone online: Episode 1 Cameroon and Ethiopia

In Cameroon he discovers a rampant appetite for bushmeat that is causing ecological catastrophe, with great apes facing local extinction. He nearly causes a riot when he tries to film a bushmeat chef buying porcupine. Travelling to the forest, Stefan eats civet cat with hunters who are living in extreme poverty and rely on bushmeat. He also visits a sanctuary which is looking after 57 chimpanzees, who have been orphaned by hunters. Taking the train back to the capital, Yaounde, Stefan accompanies forest rangers searching for and confiscating smuggled bushmeat. And in Yaounde, he meets an entrepreneur called Paul who believes he may have found a solution to the bushmeat crisis. The animal is delicious, but it has an image problem. Its name: cane rat. Ethiopia On the eve of last year's Ethiopian millennium, Stefan investigates why the country still needs so much aid nearly 25 years after the 1984 famine. PROGRAMME TRANSCRIPT Read transcript [124KB] Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader Download the reader here While the rich diaspora has returned for a spectacular party, the rural poor struggle to grow food on exhausted soil. Seven million Ethiopians depend on aid to survive. Travelling with a World Food Programme aid convoy, he meets women trapped by their dependency on short-term aid. Stefan shares a meal of fresh goat's blood with pastoralists suffering from years of tribal conflict, crippling droughts and the pressures of a rapidly expanding population. And in the capital, Addis Ababa, Stefan nearly causes another riot by trying to film with homeless children, and meets slum-dwellers who suffer from unemployment and crippling food inflation. He has to conclude that Ethiopia's problems have not been solved - in fact, they are getting worse.

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