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Watch East West 101 online: Episode 6 Behold a Pale Horse

What has the armed robbery of 36 million and the subsequent escalating violence got to do with a drug rip and massacre in Kandahar, Afghanistan? Malik is hoping that visiting Afghani cop, Khan, will provide the answers. But before he can question Khan, the visitor is executed, and Hunter is broken out of remand. The gang is armed, ruthless and well organised, with a growing list of victims, one being Maliks son. Malik fears he cannot trust his own colleagues. Is someone feeding the enemy information? Detective Travis is behaving erratically. Why? Does he have something to hide? Travis is struggling to hold his life together, but an old army friends actions threaten this. Travis is a man with divided loyalties and he fears his past is about to collide with his present. His friend, Sterling, is in a bad way. Can Travis help him or does he have to sever the friendship for the sake of his own survival? Malik is not the only one wondering what Travis is up to. Detective Lim knows something is very wrong and she undertakes her own private investigation to find out what he is trying to hide from her and other detectives. As the search for the killer of the Afghani cop comes to a head, Maliks distrust of Travis grows. Something is wrong, but what it is? The mystery grows.

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