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What is Conspiracies about?
Sky One aims to sort reality from rumour with four more intriguing cases in the new series of Conspiracies. Danny Wallace is back seeking answers to some disturbing questions. Did the CIA play geopolitics with lives at Lockerbie? Is the government conducting a top-secret alien programme? Did the Nazis invade Englands green and pleasant land? And was the FBI responsible for mass murder at Waco? Travelling the globe on a definitive search for the truth, Danny talks to those who claim to be in the know. Each one hour episode dissects a different conspiracy: The Alien Evidence, MI5 Nazi Invasion, Carnage at Waco, Lockerbie and the CIA. Conspiracies challenges the culture of control and secrecy of our governments as Danny Wallace goes in search of the answers to these alarming questions. Cover up or cock-up? This illuminating series aims to find out.

Actors: anny Walla
Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of Conspiracies

    Episode : Aliens  
    Episode 2: Iraq  
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