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Watch Persona Trinity Soul online: Episode 14 Interval of Fluctuation

Shin visits the Ayanagi City Police Station to find out more about what happened to Ry? and Eiko after the media said the former was missing and the latter was said to be dead, leaving Shin heartbroken. Akihiko arrives in Ayanagi City and works to conceal information from both police and public about the Reverse Incidents. S?tar? meets with Shin without fighting. An unknown Persona user goes berserk after he ran out of suppressant pills, forcing his Persona to go wild by draining the lifeforce out of bystanders before a beam shot kills him. Shin sees Ry? in the sky with his Persona and white feathers, but he mysteriously disappears when the lights were restored during the rogue Persona's ramapage in downtown Ayanagi.

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