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Watch Persona Trinity Soul online: Episode 11 Definition of Dependence

Shin, Takur?, and Megumi bust up a shadow extraction group only to find out that Kanaru is the leader of the group. After a talk, it becomes obvious that she's addicted to shadow extractions and they try convincing her to quit, including Shin beating up the people she was going to meet before she gets there. They then do a sleep over to try to keep her from going out. Toru reveals some information that he knew several other persona users. After she agrees to another shadow extraction, Shin breaks it up by scaring the other boys of with his persona. Depressed because Kanaru gave up, Mayuri offers to do it to her. Kanaru refuses and goes and hides in the park. Shin runs into Mayuri and she leads him to her. He goes into the place she's hiding in and then after he says he will wait outside for her till she calms down. Kanaru freaks out and Shin rushes in to help her. Shin holds onto Kanaru and as the others arrive, they are lifted into the sky by a large bubble of purple persona like energy.

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