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What is The Perishers about?
A teatime gem here, courtesy of FilmFair. Those perishin' youngsters Wellington, Maisie, Marlon, and Baby Grumplin and Boot the rakish sheepdog, jump off the pages of the "Daily Mirror" and into the living rooms of the nostalgia generation. The kids and their dogs go carting and camping, they visit the seaside, and go bouncing around wildly on bright green spacehoppers. And throughout they bicker and backbite in that brilliant mangled dialect that's part-cockney, part-hoity-toity, and utterly, beautifully British.

Actors: udy Bennet, Sheila Steafel, Peter Hawkins, Leonard Rossit
Genre: Animation, Children

Season 1 of The Perishers

Season 2 of The Perishers

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