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What is Angelo's about?
Angelo's is a greasy spoon cafe based in London's bustling Trafalgar Square, it's home to a hybrid of surreal comedy characters whose lives intertwine. Angelo (Steve Brody) is the widowed, Italian caf owner who loves the queen mum, but has an intolerance for foreigners, especially tourists that spend all day sitting around with just 'one bloody cup of coffee'. Angelo is un-ably assisted by his daughter Maria (Shelley Longworth), an aspiring X-Factor contestant who thinks that London is one of the few places on Earth where the talent-less can live out there dreams. She is shadowed by her best friend Alicia (Alice Lowe) who, like all good best mates, constantly undermines Maria and tries to steal her boyfriend Mickey (Javone Prince). Other characters include Kris (Simon Farnaby), a mime artist in a C3PO outfit with a crush on Maria , mini-cab driver Shelley (Miranda Hart), a nymphomaniac 'virgin', Policewoman Karen (Sharon Horgan) who is married fellow officer Dave (Paul Garner) and cannot conceive without the help of Dave's sleazy brother Kevin (Paul Kaye).

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Angelo's

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