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Watch Macintyre Edge of Existence online: Episode 3 Oman

Donal MacIntyre puts his life and reputation on the line as he tries to live at the limits of human habitation in this four-part documentary series. Tonights episode sees Donal travel to Oman to encounter the Bedouin people. The Arabian desert has not seen rain for two years. Very little can grow here and survival requires exceptional skill, yet the Bedouin tribes have called it home for thousands of years. Why, in the 21st century, would anyone choose to live in the barren desert rather than the modern world? MacIntyre decides to find the answer. From the capital Muscat, he heads south to the Sharqiya Sands on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Extreme temperatures and a lack of water mean that this environment is unwelcoming to the novice, but Donal is in good hands. His guide and translator, Ali, knows the land well and introduces Donal to the Bedouin family with whom he will be staying.

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