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Watch Macintyre Edge of Existence online: Episode 1 Papua New Guinea

Donal MacIntyre puts his life and reputation on the line as he tries to live at the absolute limits of human habitation in The Edge of Existence, a new four-part series for Five. Tonights opening episode sees Donal travel to Papua New Guinea to live with the Insect Tribe of Swagap. Throughout the world there are places so inhospitable that humans cannot survive there in the long term. The Edge of Existence shows what it is like to live in these places, as Donal experiences first-hand the natural world at its harshest. Combining survival know-how, anthropology and extreme physical challenges, Donal travels to some of the most spectacular locations in the world. Deep in the heart of Papua New Guineas jungle, several days journey away from civilisation, lives the Insect Tribe of Swagap. The tribe is so-named because its members worship the preying mantis, and have in the past been known to engage in tribal warfare and cannibalism. Unknown until the 1950s, they live on fish and whatever they can hunt in the surrounding jungle. For the first time ever, the tribe has allowed a visitor to experience their way of life.

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