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Watch The Sea Hunters online: Episode 8 Mary Celeste, Ghost Ship

Just off the coast of the mysterious Caribbean island of Haiti, The Sea Hunters dive to explore a conch shell-covered reef that could contain the last remains of another fascinating shipwreck... Join The Sea Hunters as they use sophisticated search equipment to find the last remains of a world famous ghost ship, The Mary Celeste. No story of the sea has fired the imagination like that of the brigantine Mary Celeste. She was found over a century ago under sail with not a soul on board. Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife and daughter, and six crewmembers were all gone - vanished into the most mysterious of maritime tales. Many of us know the story of this ghost ship, but what happened to Mary Celeste after this unsolved and baffling enigma? Did she ever sail again? Did her cursed bad luck continue? Join the team as they search for the last resting place of history's most famous ghost ship, Mary Celeste. The team will set a course to one of the poorest places on earth, the nation of Haiti. Mary Celeste met her end in the waters of mysterious Haiti, off a reef. An American consortium purchased her at a rock bottom price, and at the end of 1884, prepared her to sail from Boston to Port au Prince, Haiti. It would be the last voyage she would ever make. The journey will take them to an unexpected and remarkable island community built completely of conch shells. Could it be true that beneath this layer of coral and conch shells lies not only the remains of the Mary Celeste but evidence of the criminal conspiracy that killed her? Hers has always been a story of tantalizing fragments, daring the listener to fit them together. Join us again, as we search the oceans of the world for lost and famous shipwrecks, another true adventure with The Sea Hunters.

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