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Watch The Sea Hunters online: Episode 1 The Search for the Carpathia

More than 300 kilometers off the coast of England, a team of modern adventurers penetrate the ocean's depths using the most sophisticated search equipment, to uncover another of the world's most famous shipwrecks. Join the sea hunters as they discover the final resting place of the ship that saved the Titanic survivors ... R.M.S. Carpathia. She is most well known as the ship that rescued 706 survivors from Titanic in April 1912. The Carpathia was sunk by a German U-Boat while traveling in convoy from Liverpool to Boston in July 1918. Just off the beautiful Irish coast in 500 feet of cold clear water, this boat was found by Clive Cussler's NUMA crew after a lengthy and costly search. It was identified in September 2000. Cussler reported that the Carpathia was standing upright and unbroken in 514 feet of water 120 miles off Fastnet Ireland, debris fanned out from the holes caused by the torpedoes. The Spring of 2001 saw the first archaeological assessment of the site and the Eco-Nova team were there to document the event. The Cunarder steamer had been captained by Arthur Rostron. On the night of April 15th, 1912, Rostron had picked up the SOS call from Titanic and immediately rushed to her assistance. Carpathia's journey was fraught with challenge, for on the way, she and her valiant officers and crew, had to make their way through the same icebergs as the Titanic- and at full speed. The result of their mad dash through the frozen ice fields was to rescue several lifeboats with 706 survivors. There was no sign of Titanic. She had sunk hours before. With the survivors on board, Rostron steered Carpathia back to New York. Her captain and crew were acknowledged as heroes. During the course of investigating Carpathia, The Sea Hunters were given a copy of a never before published letter written aboard the Carpathia and describing the subsequent scenes on board, on their way back to New York. The story of Titanic has gone down in history but how did the heroic Carpathia end her days? Carpathia's glory was short-lived. Just six years later, fate would place Carpathia once more in the path of tragedy. It was during WWI on July 17, 1918. R.M.S. Carpathia had been pressed into convoy service, carrying troops and supplies across the Atlantic to the raging war. Along this supply line, laying in wait, were sea hunters of a different breed, the deadly German u-boats. Enroute from Liverpool to New York, one of these u-boats, U-55, torpedoed and sank Carpathia. Join us as we search the oceans of the world for lost and famous shipwrecks and explore other true adventures with the Sea Hunters.

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