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Watch The Sea Hunters online: Episode 7 Operation Overlord: The Search of Juno Beach

Join The Sea Hunters as they dive the beaches of Normandy and search for artifacts of the largest and most famous maritime invasion of all time. Just outside the active surf areas of Juno, Utah and Omaha beaches rest the visual remnants of Operation Overlord; the action which turned the tide in WWII and marked the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany in Europe. The U.S. Navys Historical Center has begun a side scan sonar review of the Allied ordinance that remained in place off Omaha and Utah beaches. They have collected a massive library of images. In the summer of 2004 The Sea Hunters and a team from the Canadian Navy will arrive in Normandy to start a similar survey on Juno Beach. Dr. Robert Nieland of the U.S. Naval Historical Center will work as a consultant to the Canadian team. The combined group will carry out a side scan survey of Juno followed by an underwater video survey of sites at Juno, Utah and Omaha carried out by Mike and Warren Fletcher, the Sea Hunters team Archaeologist James Delgado and Canadian navy divers. This unique survey and exciting set of dives will capture images from that fateful June morning which will transport our viewers back in time and allow us to segue to our large selection of relevant historic footage and interviewees.

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