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Watch The Sea Hunters online: Episode 6 The Search for Bonhomme Richard

Join The Sea Hunters as they search the cold waters of the North Sea for the United States Navys most famous vessel, Captain John Paul Jones Bonhomme Richard. Using the latest in side scan sonar and magnetometer search equipment and working from tide charts and drift patterns developed by Dr. Clive Cussler, The Sea Hunters will search the North Sea for Americas most famous shipwreck. In August of 1779 the Bonhomme Richard and a small accompanying fleet were ready to sail from France. They carried instructions to attack British shipping and to divert attention from the Franc-Spanish Invasion that was to attack on the South coast of England. Jones sailed West of Ireland, over the top of Scotland and Southward into the North Sea. He was sailing along the East coast of England when he encountered a British fleet accompanied by the 50 cannon British war ship Serapis. Serapis had the advantage in both size and fire power and as the battle played out it was clear that the Bonhomme Richard was taking a horrible beating. Captain Pearson of the Serapis called over do you surrender and to this Jones gave his famous reply, I have not yet begun to fight. As the Serapis and Bonhomme Richard passed close to fire broadsides the bow sprint of the Serapis became tangled in the rigging of the Richard. Jones men raced aboard the Serapis and after hours of bloody hand to hand combat Serapis was taken. Jones and his crew did all they could to keep Bonhomme Richard afloat after the battle but to no avail. She was too badly damaged and she sank just hours after the first major naval victory of the U.S. Navy in their war for independence.

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