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Watch The Sea Hunters online: Episode 4 The Search for 'Tonquin'

Indian raids, suicide, mass murder, a New York City multi-millionaire and the competition between the British and Americans for control of the Pacific Northwest all make the Tonquin story one of The Sea Hunters best. The American fur trader and New York real estate tycoon, John Jacob Astor was the major competition for British fur traders in the Pacific North West. His activities toward the end of the 18th century and American expansionism above the 49th parallel was a grave concern for the British. Astors ever widening activities from his new trading station were closely watched. In the Spring of 2003 an anchor was found near the rugged B.C. coastal town of Tofino. Fluked, with a wooden shaft, its finder, Rod Palm, thought it might be related to Tonquin. John Jacob Astors fur trading vessel. When he raised it he was amazed to find over 100 blue-glass beads of the type used by early fur traders adhering to the rust of the anchor. After to talking with local natives, Palm was convinced that he had found the Tonquin and announced the find with great fanfare to the world. The Government of British Columbia, not convinced of Palms claim called on The Sea Hunters and Archaeologist James Delgado to assess the site and carry out a survey. Join The Sea Hunters as they explore this site. Using the research vessel from the University of British Columbia, The Sea Hunters will search the waters of Templar channel near Tofino and with side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler and dredging equipment make a careful survey of the site. These dives will tell for certain whether this notorious vessel has indeed been found. If it is Tonquin it will be the earliest wreck ever located on North Americas West coast. Comparative dives will also take place on other early fur trade vessels in the Columbia River and in English Bay. This is a great Sea Hunters detective story solving a mystery concerning one of the most controversial wrecks in North American history.

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