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Watch John Safrans Music Jamboree online: Episode 2 Opening Titles: New Kids On The Block

1. Opening Titles: NKOTB 2. Musicians and Guns, and Eminem does community service at a preschool Eminem pistol whipped some guy in a parking lot for kissing his girl. What a romantic! The judge told Eminem to submit ideas to the court for community service stating "They must be impactful to young people". Check out this video featuring Music Jamboree's idea - Eminem helps out at a child care centre. 3. The ban on glow-sticks, and John vs. Steve Price from 3AW John tries to find out why the Drug Enforcement Agency considers glow-sticks to be drug-paraphernalia and wants them illegal. John takes on an 3AW announcer over his opinions on Ecstasy. 4. Music Mole: The Zomba Record Label deal with Rupert Murdoch 5. Music helping coma patients John explores the idea that playing music to a coma patient can help revive them. 6. World of Instruments Magic Dirt playing Dirty Jeans with the instruments of Indonesia.

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