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What is Gangland about?
This new series tells the insider story of some of America's most notorious street gangs. We learn how they've shaped their times and affected the neighborhoods that they controlled. From the destruction wrought by the heroin kingpins in Harlem of the 1970's to today's most dangerous gang MS-13, which has spread out from the inner city to infect unexpected turf - suburban communities, gangs have a rich yet deadly history. They usually start out as a form of protection for their members and the community but then, grow predatory as they feed on the very people that they purport to defend. With exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage, this is a raw look at life inside these gangs - from those who live it and the agencies that are working to stop them

Genre: Documentary
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Season 1 of Gangland

Season 2 of Gangland

    Episode 1: Maniacal  

Season 3 of Gangland

Season 4 of Gangland

Season 5 of Gangland

    Episode : Bulldogs  

Season 6 of Gangland

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Season 7 of Gangland

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