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What is Vids about?
Vids was a late-night, humorous video review show hosted by peroxide blond Welshman Nigel Buckland and the tall, long haired, bearded Glasgow native, Stef Gardiner. The show was produced by Ideal World Productions for Channel 4 in the UK, and aired as part of Channel 4's overnight programming schedule, 4 Later. Presenters Nige and Stef would review a selection of the week's new dvd and video releases in their own inimitable style from their mock-videostore located in Hamilton, near Glasgow. Various locations around the city of Glasgow were featured, as the presenters took to the streets and incorporated madcap storylines into the show, padding out the time between film reviews. Over the course of the various series, Buckland, in addition to appearing as himself, assumed the roles of various other characters, most notably his moustached, cardigan-wearing half-brother Lingus. At the end of series 2, the Vids videostore was blown up in a storyline, seemingly killing Stef and Nige. The duo would return in episode one of series 3, being resurrected by a Four-Way Arse God and sent back to earth to continue their task of reviewing videos.

Actors: Nigel Buckland, Stef Gardiner
Genre: Comedy

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