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Watch Fairy Tales online: Episode 1 Rapunzel

The original fairy tale told the story of a girl with incredibly long hair, thought to be based on the legend of Saint Barbara, who was locked in a tower by her father and was made famous by the Brothers Grimm, who coined the catchphrase 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair'. Writer Ed Roe's updated Rapunzel is set in the competitive world of tennis and tells the story of a failing male tennis player, Jimmy Stojkovic (Lee Ingleby). Jimmy is persuaded by his dodgy dad, Sava (Shaun Williamson) to disguise himself as a woman in a final attempt to win the grand slam tennis final. The plan goes awry when Jimmy falls in love with the beautiful reigning champion, Billy Jane Brooke (Charity Wakefield) much to the horror of her over-protective mother (Geraldine James) who has created a 'Rapunzel' brand around her successful daughter and her spectacularly long hair.

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