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Watch Dragonaut The Resonance online: Episode 23 Glorious Death -With Sorrow and Hope-

Gio once again advises Jin to let Toa go, then he heads toward Thanatos, which the Gillard fleet engages into battle with, though subsequently loses. As Jin and Toa spend time together, and as the others think of heading into space, Gio converses with Machina and Akira, who have merged with Thanatos as part of its soul. Later, after Jin finally allows Gio to take Toa, he runs into Kazuki, who is distraught over Widow's recent death. They have a short altercation, and end up reconciling. They later storm the ISDA, aided by Sakaki, who gets shot in the back as he sends off Jin and Kazuki in a shuttle. Laura protects Sakaki from further harm, and as Sakaki loses consciousness whilst embracing Laura, Kasuga absorbs the anti-Thanatos factor from the two.

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