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Watch Dragonaut The Resonance online: Episode 18 Peaceful -Temporary Everyday Life-

One year later, with the ISDA under Gillard management, the Dragonauts are divided and hunted down. Since the Gillard King and Sakaki are convinced that dragons are dangerous, they are hunting down both original and artificially-made dragons, save those that are under their command. Also, there is now a new D-Project. Meanwhile, Jin, Gio, and Toa, have been living normal lives in an isolated town for the past year. Sieglinde and K? unexpectedly show up on their doorstep to discuss the ISDA's current standpoint, and Toa tells them that Thanatos would merely leave Earth alone if it gets back its dragon eggs. Later, when Toa reaffirms her feelings for Jin, she, along with every other dragon on Earth, senses something from Thanatos.

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