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Watch Dragonaut The Resonance online: Episode 6 Reunion -Attracting Emotions-

During a flashback, it is revealed that Jin had been operated on after the shuttle accident, during which Yuuri, an ISDA researcher, claims to have noticed signs of a Resonance. In present time, Yuuri and Sakaki request for Kiril to reassign the Lindworm Unit to capturing the Album [Toa]. The mission is accepted so Raina, Akira, and Sieglinde travel to the Moon, where Jin and Gio continue their search for Toa. As Yuuri arrives home, she unexpectedly encounters K?, who shows her incriminating evidence regarding Amagi. Back at the moon, in a coffee shop where Toa had been staying, she is encouraged by the owner to not deny her feelings, so she decides to go look for Jin. When she finally finds Jin and Gio, Howlingstar, Amadeus, and Machina arrive in order to capture her. Gio interferes and fights Howlingstar, and as Amadeus takes Jin to Sieglinde, Machina engages Toa, but instead of fighting, she asks Toa why they were born, to which Toa replied that it is all due to destiny. Meanwhile, as Jin is being taken away by Sieglinde, Akira suggests that she be the one to take him to the spaceport. However, instead of taking him there, she actually drives him to where Toa is, and the two are once again reunited.

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