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Watch Dragonaut The Resonance online: Episode 5 Complication -Falling Rain-

A flashback sequence shows how the military tried a Resonance program five years ago, but it ended in failure. Presently, during their ongoing search for Toa, Gio decides to abandon Jin believing that he was wrong about Toa being on the moon, not realizing that they have just missed her. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the ISDA publicly reveals the truth about the D-Project and Thanatos. The Dragonaut team is then ordered to focus on the D-Project, whilst the military handles the recapture of Gio. In the lunar city, Jin is captured by Garnet and the military. In order to lure Gio in, Garnet sends a public broadcast about Jin's capture, but in a frequency which only dragons can hear. Gio initially ignores the broadcast, but after accidentally seeing Toa in a video that some kids took, he goes to save him. During his attempt, Gio battles Garnet while being weakened by a machine, but as Jin tries to escape, he destroys the machine. Gio then saves Jin and transforms into a dragon. Toa, who had also gone to help Jin, just misses them and watch as the two fly off.

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