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What is Airline (2004) about?
Each episode of this fascinating series showcases the highs and lows that passengers and crew face behind the scenes of Southwest Airlines. Follow Southwest Airlines pilots, flight attendants, and airport employees as they hear heartwarming passenger stories and experience occasional outbursts, weather-related anxiety, and heightened security measures all while trying to meet everyone's urgent timetable. A&E Network brings the viewer behind the counter, onto the tarmac, and into cockpit for this real-life series. Airline focuses on the ups and downs of passengers and Southwest's staff and crew at Los Angeles International (LAX), Chicago Midway, Baltimore/Washington International, and Houston Hobby airports. Follow Southwest's staff and crew, from the customer-focused flight crews to the hard-working ground crews who are often on the receiving end of a frustrated customer's wrath. America's fourth-largest carrier, Southwest Airlines promotes the concept of low-cost, no-frills travel and carries 65 million passengers every year.

Genre: Reality

Season 1 of Airline (2004)

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