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What is Polar Bear Week With Nigel Marven about?
A brand new series charting another icy adventure for intrepid zoologist Nigel Marven as he explores the wildlife of Canadas spectacular High Arctic. From spring through to autumn, Nigels expedition takes him from the icy wastes of the far north, across near-endless tundra to the vast boreal forest in the south. The five-part series follows the fortunes of a range of animals as they attempt to triumph in the face of extreme conditions. From polar bear cubs fresh out of their birthing den, to an Arctic wolfs breathtaking attack on a herd of musk oxen, the series shows northern nature at its rawest. While polar bears are the main stars of the show, other animals featured include Arctic foxes, beluga whales, great gray owls, harp seals and moose.

Season 1 of Polar Bear Week With Nigel Marven

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