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What is Party Animals about?
Party Animals presents Westminster from the ground up the young researchers and advisors shouldering huge responsibility in a frantic, high-stakes world. It's no wonder their personal lives are so messy. Sons of an ex-Labour MP, Scott and Danny Foster have politics in their blood. Danny is the devoted researcher of Home Office Junior Minister, Jo Porter. But times are tough. The government is in crisis, Jo's struggling with a difficult home life and Danny is caught in the crossfire. Add to this, the distracting presence of scheming intern Kirsty MacKenzie, and Danny is about to make an almighty blunder. Scott fled Labour HQ with a bulging contacts book for a lucrative career in lobbying. But with New Labour in decline, Scott's schmoozing methods and contacts are looking a little dated. A chance lunch with Ashika Chandrimani, chief advisor to Shadow Minister James Northcote, presents an opportunity that Scott is eager to pursue. Ashika herself is at a crossroads. Boss James may be tipped as future Tory cabinet material, but she's tired of living in his shadow and the rumours surrounding their relationship. So when she is approached to fight a critical by-election, Ashika has to choose between future power with James and the chance to strike out on her own. Danny's mistake and a scurrilous rumour set in motion a chain of events that bind all four characters together and change their lives forever.

Genre: Drama

Season 1 of Party Animals

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