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What is Lonely Planet about?
Lonely Planet (later renamed to "Globe Trekker" and sometimes called "Pilot Guides") is an adventure tourism television series produced by Pilot Productions. The series was inspired by the Lonely Planet travel books. Each episode features a host who travels with a camera crew to a country -- often a relatively exotic locale -- and experiences the sights, sounds, and culture that the location has to offer. Special episodes feature in-depth city, beach, dive, shopping, history, festival, and food guides.

Actors: an Wright, Justine Shapiro, Megan McCormi
Genre: Documentary
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    Episode 8: TV Spot  

Season 1 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 3: Morocco  
    Episode 4: Jamaica  
    Episode 5: Alaska  
    Episode 8: Vietnam  

Season 2 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 6: Turkey  
    Episode 7: New York  

Season 3 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 2: Ethiopia  
    Episode 4: Pakistan  
    Episode 11: Peru  

Season 4 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 4: Iran  
    Episode 5: Norway  
    Episode 6: Mongolia  
    Episode 10: Nepal  

Season 5 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 1: Hawaii  
    Episode 12: Egypt  

Season 6 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 2: Ireland  
    Episode 5: Bolivia  
    Episode 9: Cambodia  

Season 7 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 5: Scotland  
    Episode 6: Germany  

Season 8 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 3: Kenya  

Season 9 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 3: Tuscany  

Season 10 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 2: Cameroon  

Season 11 of Lonely Planet

Season 12 of Lonely Planet

Season 13 of Lonely Planet

Season 14 of Lonely Planet

    Episode 3: Holland  
    Episode 7: Nigeria  
    Episode 10: Syria  
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