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What is Pat & Mat about?
The show features the two characters facing mostly a self-made problem, trying to solve it using any possible and impossible tools and constructing gadgets, which leads to more problems. Yet, eventually, the two manage to get a working result with a mostly surprising solution. According to the authors, it is the manual ineptitude that inspires the stories. The humour is not the only feature of the show, but also the optmistic approach to life. The two characters always get into problematic situations but they never give up, until they solve the problem in imaginative ways.

Genre: Animation, Children
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Season 1 of Pat & Mat

    Episode 1: Tinkers  
    Episode 3: Bookcase  
    Episode 4: Carpet  
    Episode 6: Picture  
    Episode 7: Garage  
    Episode 8: Light  
    Episode 10: Grill  
    Episode 11: Move  
    Episode 12: Water  
    Episode 13: Aerials  
    Episode 14: Garden  
    Episode 15: Paint  
    Episode 16: Cross  
    Episode 17: Sport  
    Episode 18: Booth  
    Episode 22: Rain  
    Episode 23: Trip  
    Episode 25: Skates  
    Episode 26: Piano  
    Episode 27: Potters  
    Episode 29: Apple  
    Episode 30: Key  
    Episode 33: Litters  
    Episode 34: Door  
    Episode 35: Roof  
    Episode 36: Cookies  
    Episode 41: Gutter  
    Episode 44: Bilard  
    Episode 45: Hedge  
    Episode 46: Safe  
    Episode 47: Wing  
    Episode 50: Cards  
    Episode 54: Wheels  
    Episode 55: Kennel  
    Episode 58: Swing  
    Episode 62: Puzzle  
    Episode 68: Pumpkin  
    Episode 71: The Lid  
    Episode 76: Illness  

Season 2 of Pat & Mat

    Episode 1: De Goot  
    Episode 2: De Auto  
    Episode 4: Fietsen  
    Episode 8: De Kluis  
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