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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 13 Happy Birthday

Renji resolves to go after Elis, but is blasted to the ground by Kirihito, who instructs Elis to destroy him. Anzelotte orders a barrier be created to protect Renji and teleports the surrounding area to her castle. The wizard forces begin to attack Kirihito and Shaimal, but are quickly overwhelmed. Bell Zephyr retrieves Renji and begins fighting Kirihito. With Nightmare's aid, he and Renji enter Elis' dream world. Meanwhile, Akari brings Kureha's body back to Anzelotte, who revives her with the aid of Lion Gunta. In the dream world, Renji enters a door into the darkness of Elis' heart, and when Elis sees that Kureha is alive, she manages to break free of Shaimal. Elis uses Ain Soph Aur to pierce through Kirihito's defenses and Renji defeats him. In the epilogue, Renji manages to graduate from school, but is picked up by Anzelotte for another mission. As Elis looks at him leaving, she resolves to continue to be his friend, even though she has lost her abilities as a wizard.

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