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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 12 Farewell

In a flashback, Kureha recalls getting a Christmas present from Renji in her youth, despite the fact that her family did not celebrate Christmas. In the present, Kureha is determined to kill Elis, but when Renji offers his body as a shield to protect her, she relents. However, Kirihito kills Kureha, and reveals that he is the "uncle" Elis has been waiting for, as well as Gazer, the observer of the world, now determined to reduce it to nothingness and start over. Elis, convinced that all of the transpired events are her fault, awakens Shaimal, and begins destroying the surrounding city. Elsewhere, Bell Zephyr convinces Anzelotte to ask Gazer as to the turn of events, and Gazer admits using Anzelotte to fulfill his plan. Meanwhile, Elis lies at the heart of Shaimal, accepting her fate, as Renji yells desperately at her from below.

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