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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 11 Fragments of the Memories ~Dance in Phantasm~

Renji and Elis head toward her orphanage on train, with Renji comforting her on the way. Bell Zephyr decides to go to expose the person behind Shaimal's awakening, and leaves with Lion. Renji and Elis arrive at the orphanage, where they discover that Elis' "uncle" cannot be contacted. Elis enjoys a blissful time with the children; however, when she begins to review photos of her past, she disappears in all the photos. When she talks with the children and the orphanage caretaker, they fail to remember her. Renji and Elis are then confronted by Akari, who engages them. Renji manages to defeat her, and Akari leaves to be with Mikoto. Bell Zephyr and Lion forcibly enter Anzelotte's castle, and begin to converse with her. Meanwhile, Renji, Elis, and Kirihito come to the old sakura tree near the school, where Kureha attacks them.

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