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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 8 Leaping Through Time ~Young Girl's Tower~

Renji, Elis, Kureha, and Akari begin clearing out the Astronomy Club room, and as Kureha and Akari leave, Renji and Elis are sent into the past. Elis arrives next to the Demon Lord Amy. Renji finds himself in town, and after defeating a group of humans under Amy's rule, gets a call from Anzelotte, who informs him that he is in 5000 B.C. She then dispatches him to find Elis, and when Renji goes to the tower before him, he is attacked by several Emulators. Kirihito saves him, and reveals that the tower is a device to summon Shaimaril. Elsewhere, Elis manages to escape from her cell, but Amy summons Shaimaril, intending to sacrifice Elis to him. Renji saves her, and Kirihito begins destroying the tower. Shaimal notices him, and fires a gigantic energy blast at him before disappearing. Amy is infuriated, but Elis finds the Jewel of Justice, and forms Ain Soph Aur into a giant sword, defeating Amy. The two of them return to their time, and Kirihito destroys the tower.

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