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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 7 Small Bonds ~Elis's Gift~

Using a machine, Anzelotte's technicians perform a check on Akari's body. She then goes to the next room to a comatose Mikoto Shingy?ji, and promises to save the world as he once did. Elis celebrates Akari's coming to the apartment with a party, and Elis brings her ferret, Domperi. The next day, Renji, Elis, and Akari go to a skating class, where Renji helps Elis with her skating. As they eat lunch, Akari reveals her own poorly made lunch, which Renji quickly eats to avoid having Elis eat it. Anzelotte arrives, and promises that they can enjoy the day without a mission. Elis eventually manages to skate without Renji's help, and buys skating pendants for everyone afterwards. Renji, who had not gotten a pendant, finds one in his jacket, and remarks that he wishes such days could continue. Meanwhile, numerous Demon Lords have begun invading Earth, with their target being Elis.

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