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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 5 Abandoned Island ~The Two Demon Sword Users~

Renji is embarrassed when Anzelotte announces he failed his exams over the school intercom, and is subsequently dispatched with the others to recover the Jewel of Fortitude from And? Kurusu, a Night Wizard and Demon Sword wielder, similar to Renji. However, And? refuses to give them the jewel, and easily defeats Renji, questioning his rationale for battling. Elis later goes to And?, giving him snacks and staying with him throughout the day. And? reveals that Anzelotte once ordered him to finish a mission at the cost of his friend Y?'s life. Two Emulators arrive, and when And? cautions Renji that they are too powerful for him, Renji responds that he will protect Elis as well as save the world. Impressed, And? gives Renji his sword, and he defeats the two Emulators. Afterwards, Elis retrieves the jewel, and Renji promises to duel And? when their mission is concluded.

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