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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 3 The Two Flames ~Fallen Magallanica

Renji, Kureha, and Akari defeat the rest of the golems and proceed into the tower before them. Elis begins to have continuous headaches indicating the jewel is near. Although the group encounters numerous traps, Renji triggers all of them. They then stop to eat, and Elis uses her new Lunar Cloak to summon food she previously made. As they proceed, they come upon a mural on the wall showing ancient wizards fighting Shaimal, an ancient Demon Lord. They eventually find the Jewel of Wisdom, but are attacked by armors animated by RaRa Mu. Elis manages to retrieve the jewel using clues from the mural, and the other three defeat the armors. RaRa Mu appears, disguising herself as Akari, but Elis' strategy enables them to expose RaRa Mu and defeat her. As they leave, Elis manages to elicit a friendly reaction from the stoic Akari, but then collapses, sensing a jewel on the moon.

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