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What is Sea Patrol about?
Set amongst the awesome beauty of the Australian Gold Coast, Sea Patrol follows sailors from every walk of life, age and temperament all crammed aboard the Naval Patrol boat Hammersley, a veritable pressure cooker of emotions desires and ambitions. Whether they are hunting down well armed drug smugglers, chasing thieves or pirates, helping fools, or saving reckless illegal immigrants, their adventures serve to bring the crew together to forge deep and longstanding friendships that cross the class and gender divide. Filmed on the Great Barrier Reef and Mission Beach, Far North Queensland and at Warner Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast, QLD.

Actors: Lisa McCune, Ian Stenlake, John Batchelor, Josh Lawson
Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama
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Season 1 of Sea Patrol

Season 2 of Sea Patrol

    Episode 3: Takedown  
    Episode 6: Birds  

Season 3 of Sea Patrol

    Episode 4: Guns  

Season 4 of Sea Patrol

    Episode 4: Ransom  
    Episode 6: Big Fish  
    Episode 10: Rawhide  

Season 5 of Sea Patrol

    Episode 8: Lifeline  
    Episode 9: Dead Sea  
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