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Watch The Restaurant UK online: Episode 11 Surprise & Delight

There are just four couples remaining in The Restaurant, competing for the chance to go into business with Raymond Blanc. The opportunity to open a new restaurant with the legendary chef is getting closer. But most of the would-be restaurateurs have only cooked and entertained at home before, and they are all finding it tougher than they ever imagined. Each week, the poorest performing couples are selected to go into a daunting elimination challenge. Whoever fares the worst will have their restaurant closed and their dreams shattered. Raymond Blanc will continue to test the competitors like this until he finds his future business partners. This week Raymond Blanc asks the couples to focus on the most important person in the restaurant business, the customer. They must come up with ideas that will 'surprise and delight' every customer who walks through the door. But they quickly realise that what pleases one customer alienates another. Once couple surprise some customers with a high-spirited dance routine, but manage to upset others. And a singing performance at another restaurant causes embarrassment as well as delight. There are more fundamental problems too. One couple battle to fill their restaurant while keeping their staff on-side at the same time. And another couple discover that their carefully prepared meals are ending up in the bin rather than satisfying customers. As always, Raymond Blanc and his three inspectors closely monitor the couples' progress before deciding who will go into tomorrow's elimination challenge - and run the risk of losing their restaurant.

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