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What is World's Biggest Airliner: The Airbus A380 about?
Follow a team of leading engineers and aircraft designers as they race against the clock to complete construction of the world's largest airplane. The Airbus A380 is scheduled for its maiden flight in less than 12 months, and the team in Toulouse, France knows the entire world will be watching. While they slowly assemble the massive fuselage sections and giant wings, production snafus threaten to ground the entire project and the pressure faced by the team begins to show. As the pieces are joined together like a giant jigsaw puzzle, dramatic tests are carried out on the Rolls Royce engines that will power the A380 and the landing gear that must support its enormous weight. Delays creep in, but the day for revealing the plane to the world is now set. The press is waiting. Heads of state, major airlines and 10,000 VIPs are just about to arrive in Toulouse. But will the A380 be ready?

Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of World's Biggest Airliner: The Airbus A380

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