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What is Not Going Out about?
Lee is a childish northerner who lives in a fancy penthouse apartment in London. Going through a variety of jobs such as a janitor and a ice cream man as well as attempting relationships with flat mates Kate (Series 1) and Lucy (Series 2 & 3). His best mate, Daily Mail reading, middle class citizen Tim is always there to stop Lee from getting in trouble or not? Mayhem is never far away with cleaner Barbara who has never done a honest days work in her life.

Actors: im Vine, Lee Mack, Megan Dod
Genre: Comedy
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Season 1 of Not Going Out

    Episode 1: Serious  
    Episode 2: Death  
    Episode 3: Aussie  
    Episode 4: Stress  
    Episode 5: Kid  

Season 2 of Not Going Out

    Episode 1: Mortgage  
    Episode 2: Gay  
    Episode 4: Baby  
    Episode 5: Art  
    Episode 6: Dating  
    Episode 7: Gangster  

Season 3 of Not Going Out

    Episode 1: Pregnant  
    Episode 2: Winner  
    Episode 3: Amy  
    Episode 4: Party  
    Episode 6: Speech  
    Episode 7: Marriage  

Season 4 of Not Going Out

    Episode 1: Drugs  
    Episode 2: Debbie  
    Episode 3: Movie  
    Episode 4: Dancing  

Season 5 of Not Going Out

    Episode : Band  
    Episode : Dads  
    Episode : Camping  
    Episode : Running  
    Episode : Drunk  

Season 6 of Not Going Out

    Episode : Rabbit  
    Episode : Skiing  
    Episode : Therapy  
    Episode : Rachel  
    Episode : Play  
    Episode : Magic  
    Episode : Boat  
    Episode : The House  

Season 7 of Not Going Out

    Episode : Mugging  
    Episode : Donor  
    Episode : Anna  
    Episode : Pointless  
    Episode : Alcohol  
    Episode : Surprise  
    Episode : Plane  
    Episode : Lucy  

Season 8 of Not Going Out

    Episode : Episode 1  
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