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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 8 The Great Battle

Mephisto, having survived since prehistoric times without ageing, is released in the present to be crowned King James by the waiting medieval re-enactors, plus Ballistic Man (the guard from Ultimate Weapon) and some Imperial Stormtroopers. The rest of the team arrives in the Fist Mobile, and Steve smashes the TimeSaw with a lightsaber. Steve is infuriated at Mephisto's betrayal, and threatens to kill him right then and there, but is stopped when Mephisto suggests that he is too scared to fight his entire army. Womp drugs Steve and attempts to smother him, but just can't do it. Meanwhile, Steve has a flashback: years ago, when Steve was just a boy forcing his younger brother Rod to do idiotic stunts, Rod came upon Steve's signature glasses in a sewer pipe. Steve quickly stole them, and claimed that he found them, and thus was taken in by the Mystical Monks, as seen in Ultimate Weapon. Rod arrives to discover Steve without his glasses and they correctly conclude that Womp stole them. Rod pursues Womp as he gives the glasses to Mephisto, giving him near God-like strength. Steve is visited by the ghosts of Panda and the Mime, who tell him that they respect the fact that he killed them for what he believed in. To show their respect, they give Steve his own army, composed entirely of the many Fist Branches. Meanwhile, Rod is ecstatic to find Tara in vending machine form. He hotwires her and brings her back to life, resulting in him getting beaten up, then kissed. Tara realises that, by not relying upon tokens, Rod has given her freedom. Mephisto instructs the re-enactors to use actual weapons and the titular Great Battle begins. Ballistic Man battles Rod and gains the upper hand, but Tara, realising that fighting is in her nature, returns to assist. After Mephisto severely beats Steve, he plans on crushing him with a massive prawn statue. For a brief moment, the statue appears as a Dolphin, and having filled his greatest desire, Ballistic Man disintegrates, however he has delivered the finishing blow to Tara. Rod laments, then accidentally presses the sidekick button on the vending machine and sets her free in the form of a loveable little girl, who is almost immediately killed while skipping through the battlefield (though like all deaths on the show, whether she is actually dead is unlikely). It is then that Mephisto's plan is revealed: acting loyally upon Steve's orders from the very beginning of the series, he remained committed to killing the medieval re-enactors; however, his plan was do so by becoming their king, killing Steve to gain their trust, then after four years, poisoning them all on an island. Womp protests Steve's death, but is bullied into standing aside. Womp then sees Steve appear to say "I love you" and whacks Mephisto in the back and sends the glasses flying onto Steve's face. Mephisto is defeated and the Fist Team is victorious. Steve awards Rod the Full Fist for offering to kill all the re-enactors by himself when Steve's glasses were stolen, and Mephisto gains the Double Fist and the 'Man of Fist' for his amazing (if misguided) efforts and loyalty. Womp, however is shot in the head for being weak and being pushed around. The dystopian future is set exactly as Womp viewed it in the previous episode, and Steve, Rod and Mephisto fly into the sky.

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