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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 7 TimeSaw

The Fist Team now possesses the TimeSaw, which can be used to cut holes in the time continuum, allowing them to travel through time. The Fist team goes through time to test its capabilities. During this, Rod has the rest of his hair blown off in a fight with a Futuristic Defence Force and goes insane. After this, the team goes back in time to an hour before James Cook officially discovered Australia. The purpose here is that the team will stop the unfistworthy English from settling Australia, allowing the Fist Team to guide Australia to a fistworthy future. After a long preparation, in which Mephisto builds a highly advanced catapult (which Steve criticises for being based on something too old). They and some modern day aboriginals use all their weapons to attack Cook, whose ships are fitted with futuristic laser cannons. Steve sends Womp into the future with the TimeSaw to collect some future weapons for them to even up the fight. However, Womp, to his horror, finds that the future Australia is a living nightmare in which Steve rules with an iron fist and punishes weakness by death, and in which street crime abounds but is tolerated because it is fistworthy. Womp also comes to see that he has been killed and that his Man of Fist photograph from the previous episode is being used as the personification of weakness. He is pursued by Steve's Fist Patrol for "being a Womp impersonator", but is saved by rebels. The rebels give Womp a rifle, and instruct him to kill Steve before he can "defeat King James in the Great Battle". Meanwhile, Rod, who is a whimpering, cloaked mess without his hair, has followed Womp into the future. He steals the TimeSaw from Womp to go back to when he lost his hair fighting the rogue website; however, by saving his hair, he creates a paradox, whereby saving his hair negates the future Rod returning to save his hair. Eventually, a limousine appears, and a mystical Rod informs the real Rod that his power came not from the hair on his head, but from his pubic hair. Rod then returns to the future, and he and Womp return to 1770. Back in 1770, Steve steals Cook's flag and prevents Australia from being discovered, but Cook simply begins the creation of a new one from undergarments. Soon enough, Cook tires of Steve's predatorial tactics, and challenges him to a face off (much to Steve's annoyance, he means Chess, albeit a futuristic 3D Chess with Cluedo weapons). Steve is beaten horribly in it, so resorts to violence again. Rod helps Steve gain the upper hand over the English, while Womp sets up his sniper rifle. In two minds about whether to help or protect Steve, Womp reluctantly takes aim at Steve, but averts his eyes and shoots Cook. Womp is awarded 'Man of Fist' for the second time in a row, and Steve finishes Cook by planting his own Fistworthy flag in the ground (through his neck). Mephisto, when using his catapult, was transported back to prehistoric times, and remains there at the end of the episode.

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